Loft Living with Conti

We’re always being told to de-clutter our homes to create a calm, stress free environment, but where does that leave the items with which we simply cannot bear to part? The obvious answer, of course, is the loft.

To help homeowners create a safe and spacious area in the roof, those clever people at Conti developed the perfect product – the Conti Loft Panel. Unlike usual loft boarding, Conti’s Loft Panels come pre-cut in a size that makes them suitable for all but the very tiniest of loft hatches. The panels boast a special tongue and groove-style edging that allows them to slot together with ease.

“Traditionally cladding the loft floor for storage is seen as a tedious task that involves lots of sawing to get the boards narrow enough to fit through the hatch – taking days if not weeks! It may seem like a relatively simple concept, but these Loft Panels will make light work of loft flooring and the job can easily be completed in a couple of hours,” explains Conti’s DIY expert, Derek Spears.

Available in packs of three, the panels are made from high density particleboard and will provide a sturdy base for storing all those treasured items in the loft – seeing an end to the danger of putting a foot through the ceiling while getting up there! Each panel measures 1220mm L x 325mm W x 18mm D, and each pack will cover 1.19m2 of floorspace. Once screwed into place, the snug tongue and groove fit will provide a seamless floor which is perfect for storage.

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