Free your imagination with Contiboard

Perfect for painting in any colour or design, Conti’s clever Contiboard is a great choice for those who want the freedom to create a truly individual piece of furniture.

Not content with offering cash-strapped consumers the ability to effortlessly create their own bespoke furniture, Conti has also provided all it’s Contiboard panelling with an easy-to-paint surface, allowing total coordination throughout the home.

Once the chosen furniture has been constructed – following Conti’s step-by-step instructions available from the Conti website, – the surface can be finished with any oil-based paint or special effects such as decoupage, stencilling, liming and distressing. Simply degrease the surface using soap and water, lightly sand, wipe off the dust and the furniture is ready to take whatever design or colour required.

Conti’s innovative Contiboard panels, available from your local B&Q, are designed to take the hard graft out of DIY projects and empower the non-professional furniture maker to create solid, well-made furniture at a fraction of the price of buying bespoke. As well as providing the creative freedom to paint, Conti panels come in a variety of finishes to suit both modern and traditional homes, while matching ContiStrip iron-on edging is available to neatly finish sawn edges.