Caberwood MDF Trade MR

Norbord – the company that pioneered MDF production in the UK – has launched a new lightweight MDF product designed for general purpose use where moisture is present in the finished installation.

Called Caberwood MDF Trade MR (Moisture Resistant), the new board is ideal for use in kitchen and bathroom applications as well as in general interior joinery and furniture fabrication.

MDF Trade MR will appeal to users working in domestic dwellings and especially in multiple-occupancy buildings such as apartment blocks or hotels where large volumes of material are handled in relatively confined spaces.

Like all panel boards, when used in humid conditions MDF Trade MR should be primed and sealed on all surfaces to ensure long-lasting, trouble-free performance.

The new product is designed for general building and fit-out applications which require no machining or special surface treatment. Where routing or profiling is required, Norbord produces special grades designed specifically for these applications.

Caberwood Trade MR is the latest addition to Norbord’s range of UK-made MDF products. Other specialist grades include MDF Pro (ideal for theatre scenery and caravan interiors) and MDF Industrial, which gives an excellent finish to deeply routed profiles.