Caberdek wins the building trial!

Scottish building company, R&D Construction Group, has switched from standard P5 particleboard flooring to Norbord’s Caberdek system following a trial installation earlier this year.

A loyal Norbord customer, R&D uses 9mm Sterling OSB for wall sheathing and roof sarking and, until recently, also used Norbord’s standard Caberboard P5 tongue-and-groove board for its suspended timber floors. All its board products are supplied through Norbord distributor, Keyline.

Following advice from Mike Smith, Norbord’s national account manager for Keyline, R&D embarked in August on a trial application of Caberdek at an 86-unit housing development in Dumfries. Norbord supplied two packs of Caberdek board plus four of its new Caberfix Pro fixing kits.

Caberfix Pro, launched earlier this year, is a simple PU adhesive fixing which is used instead of nails to bond the boards to the joists and is also used along the tongue & grooved joint. Because 80% fewer nails are required, the resulting floor is squeak-free.

Unlike standard P5 board, Caberdek has a special slip-resistant waterproof film factory-applied to the top surface. This film protects the board from dirt, rain and damage during the construction process and is simply peeled off to reveal a pristine surface when construction work has been completed.

The BBA-approved product can even be left exposed to the elements for up to 42 days without risk of deterioration.

R&D manufacturing director Joe Murtagh says “This was a good project to trial the Caberdek product because it involved some exposure to the weather. The results were very good and the fact that there were fewer nails made installation much easier.”

Dumfries Keyline brand manager, Campbell Jardine, was delighted at the opportunity this project presented; “Projects like this are fantastic as they energise everyone in branch to really show their expertise and do their very best. The location of our branch, our ability to act as a sole supplier and the added value we bring to the project with an extensive project range, really makes our partnership with R&D Construction one that will prosper and lead to the